Will this item fit  a different brand hybrid? – Yes please email us and we can custom make.

How does this awning attach to camper? The best way to secure this awning is to use a antiflap kit.

Is the roof waterproof? Yes the roofs on all our awnings are 100% water and hail proof.

Do you offer different size keder/sail track insert size? Yes we can, we stock 4, 6 and 7.5mm.

Can these awnings be used either side front/back? Yes can be used either side though keep in mind to measure the minimum lengths required for the area you area wanting to cover.

Can i use a caravan STYLE awning on my Hybrid caravan? This really depends on the position of the Hybrids awning, if its pop top roof mounted or if its mounted on the van in a fixed position, every van  is different, Ensure you purchase a awning that is suited to the type of van you have.

How do you measure the sizing? Sizing is measured from the attachment point (antiflap kit) to the first eyelets.. as shown the in the photo below